Young Lions

Our fantastic Kids Karate Training Class teaches kids self-defence and provides them with the tools they need for success in life. We conduct Karate Training Classes for kinds in various centers in Dhaka.

  • Awareness, safety strategies, assertiveness skills, and physical self-defence techniques
  • Awareness of specific vulnerabilities and issues of children
  • Classes taught and designed for children with real experiences, strength, and capabilities in mind
  • A focus on sexual assault, domestic violence, and child abuse prevention
  • Designed considering socio-cultural environment and situations

More Benefits

When kids respect themselves, they also learn to respect others.

Kids learn how to stand up for themselves with confidence and authority.

Martial arts classes get kids off the couch into a setting where they can learn their bodies’ capabilities.

In our school, kids need to memorize movements and learn to perform them in sequence, a skill that translates to the classroom.


Shihan Abdullah Mohammad Hossain

Country Representative and Branch Chief, Black Belt 4th Dan

Senpai Tanveer Haque

Black Belt 2nd Dan

Senpai Hasnahena Lucky

Black Belt 1st Dan

Senpai Aida Mostafa

Brown Belt - 1 Kyu

Senpai Pikasha Imam

Green Belt - 3 Kyu

Senpai Suzana Abedin

Green Belt - 3 Kyu


Yes. Self-control is essential to the study of martial arts, and our students learn that they must be the masters of their actions and emotions.
Martial arts training teaches focus, discipline, self-control, and respect. These traits help children let go of petty grievances and learn to pay attention to the things that are most important to their future success.
No. Martial arts has its roots in self-defense, but we teach children that violence is not the answer to their problems.
No. Our instructors are experienced working with children of all abilities and ages. Your child will learn at a pace that is comfortable for them, and in environment that puts their physical safety first.
Some kids who come to us are resistant at first, but martial arts instruction is both fun and active. Many kids think that martial artists are cool and that can help them stick with it even if it’s hard at first.
Yes. Kids who study martial arts learn that hard and persistent work pays off. Each small success helps children believe in themselves and have faith they can achieve their next goal.

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Young Lions Program is for children between the age of 6 to 12 only