Warrior Women Bangladesh

Women's self-defence course has been designed based on full-contact Shinkyokushin Karate. We empathize with increasing physical endurance, strength, and stamina besides developing effective striking and hand-to-hand techniques for close combat.

  • Educate the girls and adolescents not to become a victim by changing their mindset
  • Develop a realistic and sustainable self-defence skill system
  • Through an effective self-defence program, make them confident to fight back when it becomes a necessity to save the life of the individuals or the group
  • Reduce the verbal, physical, and sexual violence as well as decreasing the number of victims in Bangladesh
  • Empower girls to lead a confident and fear-free life along with physical and mental balance and develop a life-skill to achieve overall success and dignity in future

The trainees will go through a vigorous physical workout to build strength and endurance. They can learn different types of striking using both hands and legs, other than disarming techniques in severe violence.

This self-defence course also addresses women's psychology and mental rewiring to unlearn the old toxic social paradigms and build their mental resilience. The whole training can reach its maximum potential.