What a great way to end the year! A little celebration on the 30th of December 2022, for our recently passed Black Belts! an annual general meeting of WKO Bangladesh Executive committee and WKO members, all these on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of KO Fight Studio.

It has been 10 years! so many struggles, so many bumps, and here we are today, 10 years! a humble rooftop dojo at Banani in 2012 made its way to establish a dojo in Gulshan & Dhanmondi under the affiliation of the world’s biggest full-contact karate organization, 100’s of women trained under WWB, 2012’s white belt is a Black belt 2nd Dan Sensei now, we have made our way to international tournaments and secured 3rd position in all Asian tournament, went to quarterfinals! Today, KO Fight Studio is not only a name, it’s a family, a bond.

All thanks to each of KO Fight Studio’s members, without you all we wouldn’t be here today. My humble gratitude to all the Shihans, Senseis, and all our parents for their continuous support and blessings. Heartfelt thanks to all those who have promoted us, supported us, advised us, and blessed us with their blessings even though not being a member.

InshaAllah, by the mercy of Allah, we will celebrate many 10 years ahead.