December 2022 Kyu Grading Test has been announced to be held on Saturday, December 17, 2022.

We are expecting around 30 participants, from White Belts to Yellow Belts to take the Kyu Grading Test.

The test consists of Basic Fitness, Kihon Keiko, Edo Keiko, Kata, Tameshiwari (Breaking) and Kumite (Fight).

The event will be held at WKO Bangladesh Honbu at KO Fight Studio, Gulshan-2.

Line-up: 9:00am
Physical Fitness: 9:15am
Kihon Keiko: 10:00am
Eido Keiko: 10:45am
Kata: 11:30am

Thameshiwari (Breaking Test): 2:30pm
Kumite (Full Contact Fights): 3:00pm

All WKOBD & KOFS Members are welcome during the grading.
Guests are allowed 2:30pm onwards.