Kyokushin karate is a great cultural and spiritual heritage established by late Sosai Masutatsu Oyama’s utmost efforts which our country can be proud of to the world. The words by Sosai, saying ” With our head low and our eyes high, with moderate words and generous heart, we will benefit others, on the basis of piety” are the essence of kyokushin. Now we have taken over the will of Sosai by starting our renewed organization, ” Shinkyokushinkai” with its three valuable missions, ‘Youth Education’, ‘International Communication’ and ‘Social Contribution’, to step forward to spread bushido spirits and Budo (Martial Art) karate world wide. For that purpose, we will daily continue our efforts in training to succeed the pride and the spirit of kyokushin karate, and will also continue our contribution to the world peace through promoting our positive activities as a Non-Profit organization.